1) I’m resident in Berrhoea. She’s talented in playing chess. He’s well-mannered but very shy. Experienced/specialised in computer programming. Fluent in English. They have a background in personal training. He’s good at organising seminars. They deal with personnel issues. She is responsible for our marketing policy. Who is in charge of the sales department? He is qualified enough for this post. He is the person that reports directly to the Manager. The factory is located in the industrial zone. She has been working as an executive secretary for the last five years. I was employed by Mr Smith two years ago. Since I left university I have worked for “Network”, where I am responsible for developing and maintaining office systems.
2) It’s the same as yours. This place is much different from my hometown. There are some differences/similarities between the two species. As identical twins, they look alike. This cloud looks like a bird. They both reacted similarly/in a similar way.
3) Waste paper is sorted and converted/changed into pulp. She’s a pretty dark-haired teenager with green eyes. Compared to the old model, this one is less practical. It’s rather expensive, I’m afraid. Having undergone quality control, the product is packed and kept in storehouses. As a first step, each vessel is cleaned, before use.
4) TRY TO USE MODALS, QUESTION TAGS AND LINKING DEVICES LIKE “IN CASE”. You can borrow my Walkman as long as you take good care of it. Candidates will be asked for an interview provided they have references. From his behaviour I concluded that he was lying. It is expected that in a few years most schools will be using multimedia technologies. It is estimated that this project will have been completed by the end of this month. There is no evidence of malfunction. It’s obvious she’s v. upset.
5) Do you agree? What do you think? So do I. I don’t either. Neither do I. Indeed. Precisely. I couldn’t agree more/By all means! Absolutely! Definitely. I suppose so. If you say so. You might be right but… I believe not. I strongly disagree. No way! Absolutely, I can’t accept the fact that… I strongly disagree. Come on!
6) Must you leave so soon? Is that necessarily so? Working experience is an essential job qualification. These documents are required to get the loan. It needs polishing. You needn’t hurry.
7) I adore cycling. I hate hypocrisy. I can’t stand being kept waiting for so long. I’m all for it! I have no preference. You choose! It’s up to you to decide. I don’t mind. I’d rather not go out. I feel more like going to bed.
8) She’s planning to buy a new house. I’m thinking of passing by. It’s not among my intentions to quit. I blame myself. There’s no one to blame. You are to blame for this mess. I’m terribly sorry. Will you forgive me? How silly of me! I apologise for not replying in due time. Please, accept our apologies for the delayed despatch of goods. He regretted having sold the house.
9) That’d be nice. I’m afraid, I can’t/won’t. I can’t see myself climbing that rock. Thanks, I can manage. Don’t bother. This is… I’m… Nice/Pleased to meet you. Meet my… I’d like you to meet my… Let me introduce you to…/myself. Hi! How are you keeping/doing/getting on? Well, so and so. It’s been nice meeting you. See you (later). Farewell! Look after yourself. (Do) keep in touch. Keep well! So long. All the best!
10) Will you be coming to my birthday party? How about joining me to the excursion? We have the pleasure in inviting you to our sixth anniversary. I’d love to. I’d be delighted to join you. With (great) pleasure! I’m afraid I’ll be unable to come because I have to study. Please, help yourself! Cheers! Your (very) good health! Here’s to you!
11) In brief,../to cut a long story short,.. What do you mean by…? Could you be more specific? I’ll put it this way: Is it clear? This is wrong/not exactly what I meant. Let me start again. What’s its name. What do you call it. What’s the word for it. How shall I put it…
Dear Constantine,

Here’s some advice on speaking:
a) had better + bare infinitive, e.g: “I think we’d better put the manager’s desk next to the bookcase.”
b) would rather + bare infinitive = prefer, e.g: “I’d rather do a sport than take up a foreign language.”
c) would rather + different subject + past, e.g: “I’d rather we watched that film.”
d) suggest + gerund/that clause, e.g: “I suggest having a break/that we should have a break.”
e) would prefer + infinitive, e.g: “I’d prefer to go on holiday to a resort rather than climb up a mountain.”
f) prefer + gerund, e.g: “I prefer reading a book to watching TV.”
Also, please go through the following examples:
i) “Why not consider building the sports centre there? It’d be more convenient for kids.”
ii) “Why don’t we buy some sweets for the event?”
iii) “Let’s collect some money for a charity.”
iv) “I’d love to go to a concert, as I’m fond of/keen on listening to classical music.”
v) “In the former case (≈ first picture) people seem to be enjoying themselves more than in the latter case.”
vi) “Well, if I had a day off, I’d go to Hagios Nicolaos, which is a huge park with lots of plane trees, streams, ponds and plenty of sports facilities such as tennis and basketball courts, a golf course and even a skating rink.”
That’s all for the moment! I hope I’ve been of some help. Wish I could do more though. Anyway, feel at ease to ask me anything you may need. Good luck, chap!