Two letters sent to publishers and webmasters regarding the Macedonian issue, and a useful link
Dear Sir,
I was astonished to see that on your home website you refer to the pseudo-named republic of Scopje as "the republic of Macedonia".
Any historian will assure that the Hellenic word Macedonia, deriving from "macos" (=length) was used by the communist leader Tito for the first time in 1944 as allegedly signifying a non-Greek Slavic nation. The communist oppressor appropriated the Greek term Macedonia because he coveted the free district of Greece that has been carrying the same name since at least 2000 B.C.
In actuality, Macedonia has always been a Greek area and true Macedonians like me since Alexander the Great's time and earlier until today have been Greeks. As for ancient Macedonian, it was a purely Greek dialect like Attic, Ionian, Doric, Cypriot etc. (This is exactly why Alexander the Great imparted the Greek civilisation and, as a result, the era after him is known as Hellenistic.) Besides, Slavs and Bulgarians did not appear in the Balkans until the 6th century AD and their numbers have always been far smaller than the local population.
Therefore, I hope that you will henceforth eschew using the Greek name of Macedonia in order to refer to the republic of Scopje, whose only connection with Macedonia is that it occupies less than 20% of the area called Macedonia in ancient, mediaeval and modern times until 1912.I am certain that you are honest and would not like to be an accomplice to one of the worst forgeries ever taken place in human history.
Yours faithfully,
Demetrios Hadjinicolaou
EFL teacher
Dear Sirs,
I should like to state my disagreement over certain public figures reiterating the Scopjan claim that Greece has not reacted to their using the name of Macedonia since the 1940s. Now, their false argument goes, there are two generations of Scopje nationals who believe themselves to be Macedonians.
This line of thinking is fundamentally wrong. To start with, a crime does not cease to be a crime when few people react to it. Secondly, the present-day pseudo-named republic of Scopje, geographically speaking, occupies land that is part of Macedonia. (Achris and Monasterion, Strymonis and Geugele have been inhabited by Greeks, true Macedonians, for millennia. By the way, there has not been an exchange of populations between Greece and Serbia, unlike what happened with Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria in the 1920s. Besides, in the referendum organised by Kyro Glegorov in the 1990s over 10% of the voters asked to be united with Greece.) Therefore, to state that Scopjie occupies part of Macedonia that was, alas, not liberated in 1912 and to call part of Scopje territory as Macedonia is absolutely right. Similarly, it is right to call territories like North Epirus, Eastern Thrace and North Thrace (Eastern Romylia) with their proper Greek names even if they happen to be part of other countries at present. However, Greece has never accepted and will never accept the (potential) allegation that there is a separate Macedonian, Epirote or Thracian nation or language. This is why official Greece did not object to Scopje, which despite their nominal federal republic were nothing but a province until 1992, being called Macedonia in certain maps. However, it is impossible for a Greek government to recognise a state carrying the term Macedonia even in a compound name, especially if this state forges history and contemporary facts by claiming that there have been Macedonians who are not Greeks. Even in case all states on earth decided to make themselves accomplices to such forgery, Greece oughtn't to endorse it ever.
In addition, Greece should remind the international community of the abduction of some 29,000 minors during the warfare of 1945-1949 by communist Tito-sponsored guerrillas. These children, who were the 20th century's janissaries, were indoctrinated with hatred against Greece and with the fake identity of a non-existent, Bulgarian speaking Macedonian nation. These kids were the innocent victims of a tragedy and keeping them to darkness shows lack of mercy, not justice and love.
Finally, Greek MPs and diplomats should always carry in mind that true Macedonians like Alexander the Great, Saint Cyril and Methodios and people like me, have been unquestionably Greek for at least 4,000 years. We shall never consent to having our name, title, rights and identity usurped by a group of fraudulent or misguided individuals, who may have wrongly considered themselves Macedonians for a few decades. Counterfeiting of history must stop.
Yours faitfully,
Demetrios Hadjinicolaou