Oral examination practice

Personal Information
Good evening! My name’s Penelope Antoniadou and I am a member of a family with three children. My elder brother’s currently doing his military service while my younger sister is still at primary school. Besides, my father’s a taxi driver and my mother a bank clerk. In spite of/despite the fact we don’t see one another for much time, especially during weekdays, notwithstanding, our family ties remain quite strong. As a result, we enjoy beguiling our leisure time by telling jokes and ribbing each other.
Hello! I’m Sebastian Rodinos. I’m seventeen and, like many other boys my age, I study at a state school and attend private tuition classes on a few school subjects. Incidentally, I’ve been studying English for seven years. I can’t say that any of these fields makes me exuberantly happy or desperately miserable, though. Sometimes, I get enthusiastic at the prospect of achieving a high score at school. But what makes me feel strongly about is people’s attitude towards certain ideals, such as love, freedom and social justice. I’m afraid that with the decline of people’s attachment to religious faith and moral values the foregoing ideals are disregarded, which has always had disastrous effects (up)on humanity. I hope that in the future I’ll be able to act with a view to helping my neighbour, perhaps, by joining an organisation like the Red Cross.
Hi! I’m Alexandra Hadjispyrou. I consider myself to be a votary of fine arts. Not only do I go to most cultural events held in my region, such as concerts, painting and sculpture exhibitions, dance shows, etc. but also I’m an artist myself! Needless to say that my room is decorated with paintings and handicrafts exclusively made by me. Nonetheless, I’ve manufactured some jewels. Some people believe I’m obsessed with art, but the truth is I’m having a wonderful time. For one thing, these activities are an excellent channel to my energetic personality and offer me self-fulfilment and self-expression. In addition, I’m frequently given the opportunity to socialise with other people involved in what you might call an incurable mania for art.
Good afternoon! My name’s Andrew Ioannides, and I’m sixteen. I’m deeply fond of sports and gymnastics. At present, I’m registered at a local tennis club for young athletes but I also go training at kickboxing on a regular basis. Actually, I spend at least three hours a day running, jogging and exercising so as to keep fit along with my training courses. I believe that sports contribute to a person’s normal muscular and skeletal development. Except for giving the body a nice shape, however, athletics may help one strengthen one’s will and acquire virtues, like persistence, self-discipline, toughness and manliness. Furthermore, participating in a match can well prove a way of making friends and gaining self-respect by adopting sportsmanlike behaviour patterns.
Hello! I’m Eunice Papadopoulou, I’m fifteen years old and I come from, and live in, Berrhoea. I attend classes at “Philippeion” Lower Secondary School. In actuality, I’m a third-former. As for my preferences, well, I adore inorganic chemistry; its exercises fascinate me whereas I’m always keen to conduct mini experiments causing chemical reactions in our laboratory… Not surprisingly, though, I find it hard to cope with some problems when too much Maths is involved. Yet, I think I should like to occupy myself with chemistry in the future and, perhaps, take to teaching.
Task for homework: write a short text referring to your own identity (status and interests / activities or ambitions). _