Site seeing C

This column will suggest a web site at a time. For this issue we would like to recommend the web pages run by the Directorate for Secondary Education in Phthiotis, to be found in the URL address: http://dide.fth.sch.gr/ . It is an excellent, constantly updated site, containing useful data as regards all the latest developments in our clerical and educational field, comprising Ministry of Education circulars and bulletins or tables with names, information on appointments, transfers, detachments, running programmes and the like.Site seeingArtificial Intelligence (AI) is often associated with tedious, insensitive calculations or even idiotic premises resulting in preposterous conclusions. Not in this case! Anastasia Asikidou suggests hitting http://www.20q.net/, also known as the 20-question game, which is available in 18 languages (including Greek and English, thus ensuring easy understanding of the rules). This game should prove to be a great educational tool that’s guaranteed to offer endless moments of fun and immeasurable knowledge of the target language. Nevertheless, I ought to warn you about its being addictive, too!