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Electronic classroom management is now possible! Since December 2006, when the interactive portal http://eclass.sch.gr/ was launched, Internet Technology aficionados in the public ELT sector have found an enormously practical tool, which is bound to make their classes uniquely inspirational, motivational and exciting. From simply keeping a digital archive of their documents, worksheets, games, exercises and activities, to virtually administering their classes online, catering for highschool pupils who are so fond of surfing the Net and the ones who missed a class because they were ill, this portal has everything: subject description, a material book, material to be taught, exercises, links and announcements. The only disadvantage is that teachers have to fill in all these data, but it is certain that dedicated educationists of all specialities will not be daunted. Kindly note that you have to be registered with http://www.sch.gr/ before you can start managing your own e-classes.