A despatch from Hibernia

In early March, a small group of students and their English teacher Mrs Eleni Kostopoulou travelled to Ireland. This journey was a students and teachers’ exchange within the framework of the Comenius programme that Kavassila High School has been co-ordinating for three years now. The partner schools are Gorey Community School in Ireland and Radzynjie Gymnasium in Poland. The title of the project is “Our national and European identity through historical buildings".
During their stay in Gorey, the Greek group lived and enjoyed unforgettable moments at the Irish school and the host families as well. They lived -if only for a few days- in another cultural environment, attended lessons in a different classroom and came in contact with the Irish educational system and way of thinking. They visited a lot of remarkable sights that are part of the Irish heritage. Such are: Glendalocch (a monastic community of 11-12 century AD), the Irish National Heritage Park, Hook's Edge (an old lighthouse on the Atlantic coast) and many more. The warm hospitality the Irish friends offered to them reinforced the bonds that have been created between the two schools these three years of co-operation.The visit to Ireland was of great help to the students. They obtained a great deal of knowledge of Ireland's famous buildings. Hence, they will finish their survey on Eire more easily. They used the English language and through their contact with the different culture they have become more conscious of their own culture and history. They have learned to respect other ways of thinking and accept the different. They don't fear the "foreign" any more and racism is far away from their beliefs.
Everybody returned to Greece dreaming of the next exchange visit to another European country to further broaden their horizons.