Doris Lessing

Doris Lessing is one of the most prolific and highly regarded twentieth – century novelists. She has gained many prizes and literaly awards. She’s written novels and short stories, and her most recent work is a series of fantastic novels set in the future.
Doris Lessing was born to British parents in Persia and spent the first few years of her life there. Then her family moved to Rhodesia in southern Africa. Lessing spent most of her childhood on her parents’ large farm there, and a lot of her stories are based on south African farm life.
When she was nineteen, Lessing married a Rhodesian civil servant, Frank Wisdom. They had two children; their son now grows coffee in Zimbabwe while their daughter lives with her children in Johannesburg. They have both adopted completely different political beliefs and lifestyles from their mother who has always held radical views and tried to base her lifestyle on them.
In 1943, Lessing’s marriage broke up and she married again. Her second Husband was a German emigré called Gottfied Lessing.
In 1949, Lessing arrived in England. She brought with her the manuscript of her first novel The Grass is Singing which was published in 1950 with great success in Britain, America and in ten European countries. If she had stayed in Africa the novel would probably never have been published, so Lessing’s move to England was crucial to her career as a writer.
Her first few years in England, however, were not easy. She had to struggle to keep on writing and earn a living. "I sold my mother’s silver; I even sold my clothes", she says. And although today Lessing is an internationally famous author who could buy as many clothes as she likes, she prefers to lead a frugal life in London.
On 11 October 2007, Lessing was announced as the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.