E-twinning by Eleni Kostopoulou

Etwinning is an initiative of the European Commission to encourage schools in Europe to form a collaborative partnership using many forms of communication technology.
It started in 2005 as an action of the e-Learning programme and now is an action of Comenius, under the umbrella of the Life Long Learning programme.It is designed to offer a very flexible approach to collaborative school work.
Etwinning is also about teaching experimentally with new ways of performing traditional tasks. Once the teachers get involved in etwinning, soon they see their teaching methods change, their pupils motivated to work voluntarily on their own time, make friends across Europe and above all, they find out that etwinning has helped to make teaching and learning fun.
Now etwinning is a major force in European education because it is easy.
Besides, the process of participating in Etwinning projects is simple.
You register on the European Portal at http://www.etwinning.net/ where all European schools register and work together.
After being registered,
a) you find a partner through Twinfinder (an ICT tool offered for free by the Portal)
b) you develop a project idea or use a ready-made project kit and start working collaboratively.
A new platform - Twinspace and a range of tools to facilitate your work are given to you so that you implement your project.
Registered schools and partnerships get recognition by being featured on the etwinning portal. This European Action, also, gives further recognition to schools and teachers engaged. As soon as the partnership gets approval, participating schools receive an etwinning Label. The etwinning Awards (National and European ones) will reward the best projects.
You can get more information about etwinning, see projects that are examples of good practice, find new ideas, be informed about registered European schools, upload your own advert to find a partner by visiting the site http://www.etwinning.net/
If you feel like learning what is happening in Greece about etwinning, visit the site http://www.etwinning.gr/ .
Etwinning ambassador
Teacher of English