News bulletin - March/May MMVII

On 19th January extant, faithful to the Orthodox tradition of cutting a “Saint Basil’s cake”, teachers of English, some with spouses and friends, gathered at the Παλιά Βέροια (former Σκρέτ) restaurant for a banquet, followed by a Greek-style do. Among the dignitaries were Mr Nicolaos Mavrocephalides, on behalf of Mrs Charoula Ousoultzoglou-Georgiadou, the Mayor of Berœa, Mrs Marianna Luka and Mrs Despoina Papagiannoule, chairperson and secretary of the Union of French language teachers in Emathia, respectively, and Mr Theodoros Skenderis, ELT School Adviser for Emathia, Pella and Pieria.

For practical reasons, there were two coins; one fell to Miss Maria Foutzitzi, the secretary of the SETUI and another to Mrs Constantina Theologe-Vasdeke, headmistress of the 1st Upper Secondary School of Alexandria. A Happy 2007 for both of them and you all! See snapshots from the event above.
On 23rd March, delegates of the SETUI committee were received by Mr Asterios Papastergiou, Berœa Vice-Mayor for Education, at the town hall. They had a constructive discussion and the Vice-Mayor stated that the municipality will allocate the use of an office free of charge to house the Union, within the next six months. In parallel, SETUI board members expressed the state English language teachers’ commitment to helping municipal authorities, by offering their services as translators or interpreters in the event of publications or international meetings where English may be required.