News Bulletin MMV-MMVI

Above: Thumbnail from the 5th Conference of EFL teachers in South-Eastern Europe on “enhancing the effectual performance of teachers’ unions”, which was jointly organised by SETUI, English School Adviser for Emathia, Pella and Pieria Mr Theodoros Skenderis and the British Council, held at the Elea café/restaurant in Berrhœa, under the aegis of the Prefecture of Imathia and the Municipality of Beroea, on 21st and 22nd October 2005;
committee members from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Scopje, and Agrinion, Athens, Bolos, Chania, Comotene, Cosane, Drama, Hagios Nicolaos in Lasithion, Heracleion, Serrai and Thessalonica attended the proceedings, were guided around Berrhoea, and visited the archaeological site in Vergina and Boutares’ Winery in Stenemachus, thanks to our generous sponsors.

Glimpses of the “Seminar on exploiting new technologies in English Language Teaching” organised by SETUI and the Pan-Hellenic Association of State School Teachers of English (Π.Ε.ΚΑ.Δ.Ε.), sponsored by the Prefecture of Emathia, held at the Aeges Melathron Hotel in Berrhœa on 8th April 2006.

Left: Mrs Antigone Bratsoli, one of the keynote speakers; right: part of the audience.
The seminar was attended by the Deputy Prefect in charge of Educational Affairs Mr Orestes Sideropoulos, the Deputy Mayor in charge of Cultural Affairs Mrs Mima Demoula, the Head of the Directorate for Secondary Education in Emathia, Mr Nicolaos Evangelopoulos, the Deputy Head of the Directorate for Primary Education Mrs Despoena Telaloglou, School Advisers for Emathia, Pella and Pieria Mr Theodoros Skenderis and Cosane Mr Ioannes Tsitsiklis and plenty of practising EFL teachers.

Left: A souvenir photo from the Educational Forum, held on the Island of Dreams, Eretria, Eubœa. The trip to the Centre for Further Educational Development lasted from 20th to 21st May 2006 and was co-ordinated by our very own Vivè Doulgeroglou. Travelling expenses, accommodation, boarding and all the Forum lectures, workshops and events were wholly covered by Hillside Press ELT BOOKS, to whom our sincere gratitude is due; right: SETUI’s board of directors cutting St Basil’s pie, January 2006.